Jack Stands – Welding Project

Using some 1″ square and angle stock, along with some 2″ I.D. tube, the following jack stands were built. Cutting the 2″ pipe – this will be used at the top of the stand to accept the axle that it is supporting. All of the parts cut, ready for some welding.   One stand welded,…

The Bob Hoover Project

Acclaimed aviator, fighter pilot, test pilot, airshow performer, Bob Hoover, has lead an amazing flying career. To celebrate his achievements, Kim Furst made an excellent film about him. The film, Flying The Feathered Edge, has been shown around the US at various aviation events. I attended a local showing, held at the Aerospace Museum of…

Crater Lake

A weekend visit to Oregon, provided the excuse to fly around Crater Lake and enjoy the views. Thanks to Fred & Kelly for the excuse to visit!

5 Day B&W Challenge – Day 5

Day 5 of 5 of the B&W challenge. This last shot I took last year in Yosemite. To be precise – it was here: Google Maps

5 Day B&W Challenge – Day 4

5 Day B&W Challenge – Day 4 A photo taken a few years ago while on a walk around the Great America River canyon, near Auburn, CA. These are some core samples, stacked up, should the Auburn dam ever be built….

5 Day B&W Challenge – Day 3

Here’s day 3 of 5 of the B&W challenge. A Hawker Hind, photographed earlier this year during their Air Pageant.

5 Day B&W Challenge – Day 1

Thanks to one of my photographic friends, I have succumbed to post a B&W photo every day for five days. Here are my photos.

Experiments with Focus Stacking

Some experiments with focus stacking. (Click on the photo for a larger version.) A total of twelve photos were taken, then using Photoshop, merged together to make the following composite. Notice how the entire circuit board is now in focus, and not just a small portion of it. Time to refine the technique and find…

BoatGPS – Firmware Update

A update on the BoatGPS, trying to complete it ready for installation – hopefully before the summer boating season. After getting a lot of inspiration of how to add features, such as selecting the speed unit (Mph, Knots, Kmh), displaying the clock etc, I needed to either implement some interrupts or monitor the digital input….

ThinkTank Photo StreetWalker Backpack

In search for a camera bag that could be used to carry my camera, a few lenses, and a laptop – whilst being airline friendly, I researched several vendors and ended up selecting the ThinkTank Photo StreetWalker HardDrive backpack.     Full details of this backpack can be found at ThinkTankPhoto’s website: HardDrive This compliments…