Crater Lake

A weekend visit to Oregon, provided the excuse to fly around Crater Lake and enjoy the views. Thanks to Fred & Kelly for the excuse to visit!

5 Day B&W Challenge – Day 5

Day 5 of 5 of the B&W challenge. This last shot I took last year in Yosemite. To be precise – it was here: Google Maps

5 Day B&W Challenge – Day 4

5 Day B&W Challenge – Day 4 A photo taken a few years ago while on a walk around the Great America River canyon, near Auburn, CA. These are some core samples, stacked up, should the Auburn dam ever be built….

5 Day B&W Challenge – Day 3

Here’s day 3 of 5 of the B&W challenge. A Hawker Hind, photographed earlier this year during their Air Pageant.

5 Day B&W Challenge – Day 1

Thanks to one of my photographic friends, I have succumbed to post a B&W photo every day for five days. Here are my photos.

Experiments with Focus Stacking

Some experiments with focus stacking. (Click on the photo for a larger version.) A total of twelve photos were taken, then using Photoshop, merged together to make the following composite. Notice how the entire circuit board is now in focus, and not just a small portion of it. Time to refine the technique and find…