Using Eagle, a great schematic and PCB layout program, I had a go at creating a PCB for building the BoatGPS that I prototyped earlier using some Veroboard.

Here’s some photos of my first PCB attempt:

BoatGPS project
First attempt at a PCB for the BoatGPS project.

The other side of the PCB, where the LCD panel will be attached:

Other side of the BoatGPS PCB.

After some soldering, here is the board populated – and connected to an EM406A GPS receiver:

BoatGPS PCB, populated

As can be seen, some mistakes were made on the PCB layout – namely some power connections….

Wires to fix the routing mistakes!

With the LCD attached:

BoatGPS with LCD attached, waiting for a satellite fix.


Here is the PCB version installed in to a die-cast aluminum enclosure undergoing some drive tests in the car.


I assembled a second board in anticipation of being used as a tachometer for the boat. Here it is displaying the speed in kM/h, with the LED backlights on, in the car.

BoatGPS Drive tests – kM/h



Time to clean up the software a bit, and decide if a re-spin of the PCB is warranted!