Seat Re-Upholstering

The seat before:

The seat prior to re-upholstery
The seat prior to re-upholstery
Underside of the pilots seat
Seat back and seat cushion removed – time to do something about the wood base!
Seats removed and the old foam and coverings removed.
Time to bead blast the seat frames to remove the old paint.
Inside the bead blasting cabinet – the bare metal of the seat frame now visible.
The frame painted – time for a quick test fit of the new seat cushion.
Laying out the seat frame on the webbing fabric – getting ready to glue in place.
Front and back glued and clamped.
Sides of the webbing cut, glued, and clamped in place.
Seat back also complete.
Another test fit of the seat cushion.
Glue (contact adhesive) applied to the bottom the cushion, also glue applied to the webbing on the frame too.
Once both the seat cushion and webbing glue had gone tacky, the two were stuck together. The excess foam underneath the seat was then trimmed off to leave the excess leather ready for tensioning.
Leather wrap around trimmed to length Hog rings used to attach the leather to the seat webbing.
Seat base complete.
Foam glued to seat back.
Seat back leather cover turned inside out. Glue is then applied to the seams.
Top of the seat cover is then rolled atop the seat back foam-frame. Glue is applied to the foam where the seams of the cover will mate. And then the seat cover is rolled on to the foam-frame.
Finished seat back.