Plastic Painting



I had removed all of the interior plastic trim from the cabin area so that I could give it a good clean, and then paint it to freshen it up and match it with the new interior.

So – out with the rags, some mild cleaning detergent solution, and the plastic parts all got a bath. Then these were laid outside, and the painting commenced. As with the other plastic, I used Krylon’s Fusion plastic paint. Almost 3 coats were applied to the plastic – I say ‘almost’ since it was hard to see after the second coat if I had completely covered the plastic with a uniform coat.

I also disassembled the ‘dome’ lights from the head liner so that these could be painted too.

The interior plastic after one coat of Krylon Fusion paint.
The dome light assembled
Dome light pulled apart ready for masking




Since I had the light apart, I made a note of the light bulb used – a GE 1414.

Also in the headliner plastic is the speaker – I had to remove this so I could paint the speaker grill. Just like the dome light, since it was apart, time to take some photos of the speaker in case I ever need to replace it (documentation is a good thing!).