Firewall Painting + EDM-830


Firewall painted


Since the firewall had been primed – it was ready for painting.

I used Dupli-Color Engine Enamel with Ceramic, DE1615 ‘Aluminum’ color, spray paint. Dupli-Color is made by Sherwin-Williams – the same brand that I used for the primer paint. Two coats later (I waited an hour between coats) the firewall is ready to be ‘re-assembled’.

JP Instruments EDM-830 installed in to the panel

Since the firewall is ready for the engine mount (and engine…) I installed the JPI EDM-830 in to the panel. I ran the new wires for the manifold and RPM transducers, then programmed the EDM with the engine limits and associated parameters. I connected the RPM transducer – though it was not displaying on the EDM – time to check the wiring and perhaps call JPI to see if this transducer only works when installed in the magneto?

TIme to start the interior re-work……